Industrial sewing machines use various types of needles, each designed for specific purposes and materials. The choice of needle depends on factors such as fabric type, thread size, and the type of stitch required. 

Here are some common types of needles used in industrial sewing machines: 

  • Universal Needle: This is a basic needle suitable for sewing woven fabrics like cotton, linen, and blends. It has a slightly rounded point that can penetrate the fabric without damaging it. 

  • Ballpoint Needle: Designed for knit and stretch fabrics, the ballpoint needle has a rounded tip that slips between the fabric's fibers rather than piercing them. This reduces the risk of snags or runs in the fabric. 

  • Sharp Needle: Also known as a microtex needle, this needle is used for finely woven fabrics like silk, taffeta, and microfiber. Its slim, sharp point creates precise stitches without leaving visible holes in the fabric. 

  • Jeans/Denim Needle: This needle is built for heavy fabrics like denim, canvas, and upholstery materials. It has a strong, thick shaft and a deep groove to accommodate heavier threads and prevent breakage. 

  • Leather Needle: As the name suggests, this needle is for sewing leather, suede, and other thick materials. It has a wedge-shaped point that pierces through leather without tearing it. 

  • Quilting Needle: Designed for quilting and patchwork projects, this needle has a tapered point that easily penetrates multiple layers of fabric without damaging them. 

  • Embroidery Needle: Used for machine embroidery, this needle has a larger eye to accommodate thicker embroidery threads and prevent thread breakage during intricate stitching. 

  • Twin Needle: A twin needle has two needles mounted on a single shaft, allowing you to create parallel rows of stitching. It's often used for decorative stitching, hemming, and topstitching. 

  • Wing Needle: This needle has wings on each side of its shaft, creating holes in the fabric as it sews. It's commonly used for heirloom sewing and decorative stitching. 

  • Metallic Needle: Designed for sewing with metallic threads, this needle has a larger eye and a specialized groove to reduce friction and prevent thread breakage. 

  • Topstitch Needle: With an extra-large eye and deep groove, this needle is perfect for creating prominent topstitching and decorative details. 

  • Hemstitch Needle: This needle creates small holes and a decorative ladder-like effect while sewing, often used for heirloom sewing and creating delicate details.


It's important to choose the appropriate needle for your specific sewing project to achieve the best results and prevent damage to the fabric or machine. Always consult your sewing machine's manual and test different needles on scrap fabric before starting your project.

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Some companies that supply industrial sewing machine needles:

  • Schmetz Needles
  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.
  • Groz-Beckert
  • Singer Needles
  • Klasse Needles
  • Prym Consumer USA Inc.
  • Superior Threads
  • Mettler
  • Janome Needles
  • Hemline
  • Euro-Notions
  • Inspira Needles (by Husqvarna Viking)
  • Klasse Sewing Machine Needles
  • Reliable Corporation
  • Juki Sewing Machine Needles

Remember that availability might vary based on your location and the specific type of needles you're looking for. It's a good idea to visit sewing supply stores or check online retailers to find the needles that best suit your needs.





Organ Needle Co., Ltd. and Groz-Beckert are two well-known manufacturers of industrial sewing machine needles. Here are some differences between the two companies: 

Origin and History:

  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.: Organ is a Japanese company that has been producing sewing machine needles for over 80 years. It's recognized for its high-quality needles and innovations in needle manufacturing.
  • Groz-Beckert: Groz-Beckert is a German company with a history spanning over 160 years. It's a global player in the textile industry, producing not only sewing machine needles but also a wide range of textile-related products.


Global Presence:

  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.: Organ has a strong international presence and is known for producing needles that cater to a wide variety of industrial sewing applications.
  • Groz-Beckert: Groz-Beckert is a global leader in textile technology and operates in multiple countries, providing products and solutions for various textile processes, including knitting, weaving, felting, and more.


Needle Range:

  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.: Organ offers a diverse range of sewing machine needles suitable for various fabrics, applications, and sewing machine types.
  • Groz-Beckert: While Groz-Beckert is primarily known for its industrial needles used in various textile processes, they also produce sewing machine needles designed for specific applications.



  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.: Organ has introduced innovative needle technologies over the years, focusing on needle design and materials to enhance stitching performance and reduce thread breakage.
  • Groz-Beckert: Groz-Beckert is known for its emphasis on precision engineering and high-quality manufacturing processes, leading to needles that provide consistent results and durability.


Specialized Needles:

  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.: Organ offers a wide range of specialized needles for various sewing applications, including denim, leather, quilting, embroidery, and more.
  • Groz-Beckert: Groz-Beckert provides needles for industrial applications such as weaving, knitting, tufting, and sewing, with a focus on precision and performance.


Customer Base:

  • Organ Needle Co., Ltd.: Organ serves a broad customer base, including manufacturers, sewists, and businesses involved in garment production.
  • Groz-Beckert: Groz-Beckert caters to various textile industries and plays a vital role in supplying needles and other components critical to textile production processes.


Both Organ Needle Co., Ltd. and Groz-Beckert have established themselves as reputable and reliable manufacturers in the textile industry. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs, sewing applications, and preferences for needle quality and performance. 


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