Dollor Sewing Machine

In Bangladesh, Apparels Factories need to get the rental sewing machine regularly. Garments factories need to hire rental sewing machinery when suddenly big orders come or sometimes production pressure is huge. sometimes machine breakdown or damage is also caused for getting rental sewing machines by the factories. 

Some buying houses also get rental machinery from the market to make their own production line on their floor. New factories work for a subcontract under a buying house or established well-reputed factory. Any individual who has a good relationship with a buying house or with a good factory, they can get a subcontract from them. To fulfill their production requirements they need to get rental sewing machines from the market.

Dollor Sewing Machine

After opening an LC there is a minimum of 45 to 60 days to get the brand new Chinese sewing machine to arrive in Chittagong port. Reputed Japanese brands like Juki, Brother, and Pegasus take to make shipment for brand new industrial sewing machinery by carrying a minimum of 120 days to 180 days to arrive in Chittagong port.

Dollor Sewing Machine

To meet garments factories' production deadlines apparel factories need to get rental basis industrial sewing machines from the market. It is now very common to get rental of an industrial sewing machine from the market. 

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In Bangladesh Dhaka Mirpur 1, Ashulia Jamgora, Gazipur Boardbazar, Konabari, Narayanganj Signboard, Chittagong Road, Chasara, Fatullah BSCIC, Chittagong Dewan Haat, and many other places have markets where suppliers have their own shop, office, or warehouse for rental businesses.

Dollor Sewing Machine

Nowadays industrial sewing machine rental business became competitive because more people getting involved in this business. Before getting rental machinery from the market be sure to select a good supplier. The machine is good means the production of your garment becomes good. The good machine gives good quality stitching on your apparel.

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Here is the latest list of industrial sewing machine rentals per day. If the machine is of new quality then rentals per day slightly increase, it also decreases if the machine is old. Some businessmen send brand new packet machines to the factory for rent to get high rent. Who will bear the Pickup truck cost to send rental sewing machinery in the factory and get back to the warehouse is also needed to consider and it is excluded from the calculation of per day rental.





Auto Thread Trimmer Plain Machine

140 Taka


4/5/6 Thread Overlock Machine

150 Taka


Auto Thread Trimmer 4/5/6 Thread Overlock Machine

250 Taka


Flatbed Flatlock Machine

200 Taka


Cylinder bed Flatlock Machine

250 Taka


Small Cylinderbed Flatlock Machine

450 Taka


Two Needle Machine

180 Taka


Auto Thread Trimmer Two Needle Machine

500 Taka


2/3 Needle Chain Stitch Machine

200 Taka


Snap Button Machine

120 Taka


Pneumatic Snap Button Machine

250 Taka


Computerized Button Hole Machine

500 Taka


Computerized Button Stitch Machine

450 Taka


Computerized Bartack Machine

450 Taka


Feed off The Arm Machine (Light-Medium Duty)

250 Taka


Feed off The Arm Machine (Heavy Duty)

350 Taka


Auto Feed off The Arm Machine with Racing Puller Device

500 Taka


Saddle Stitch Machine

200 Taka


Blind Stitch Machine

300 Taka


PMD Machine

350 Taka


Side Cutter/ Vertical Trimmer Plain Machine

180 Taka


Auto Heat Press Machine

500 Taka


Auto Velcro Attach Machine

500 Taka


Zigzag Machine 3 Step

300 Taka


Auto Zigzag Machine 3 Step

500 Taka


Zigzag Machine 1 Step

150 Taka


Picoting Machine

500 Taka


Auto Eyelet Hole Machine

1500 Taka


Elastic Joining Machine for Boxer

600 Taka


Auto Elastic Joining Machine for Boxer

1000 Taka


APW Machine (Bon Pocket)

5000 Taka


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Dollor Sewing Machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. How rental for industrial sewing machines will be counted?
Answer - Machine rent per day will be counted.

2. Who will bear the rental payments VAT?
Answer - VAT is paid by the factory.

3. When industrial sewing machine rental is paid?
Answer - After the end of every month or end of the rental period factory must pay the rental payment.

4. Who maintains/repairs mechanical issues for a rental sewing machine?
Answer- Small mechanical issues should be solved by the factory's in-house technicians.

5. Who bears compensation for the damage to the rental industrial sewing machine?
Answer - Any type of damage to the machine while used inside the factory compensation must be paid by the factory.

6. Who will bear the pickup truck cost for sending the rental sewing machine to the factory?
Answer - The factory manages the pickup truck or pays for the pickup truck.

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