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Elastic Joining Machine for Boxer.

High-Speed direct drive right side cutter pneumatic auto trimmer interlock machine.

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This machine is equipped with the right side cutter fabric trimmer, rear puller, chips suction pipe, and RTF roller device. The waistband can be set on the RTF roller device. Right side cutter trimmer to trim the fabric neatly and then continues to sew. In the meantime, the fabric chips can be sucked into chips collection by the air pipe or air compressor to make sure environmental protection. Suitable for underpants' waistband sewing.

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Boxer briefs are a popular style of men's underwear that are known for their comfort and support. Making boxer briefs involves using an elastic joining machine, which is a specialized machine that is designed to attach elastic to the fabric.

Here is an elaborate description of the process of making boxer briefs with an elastic joining machine:

Fabric Cutting: The first step in making boxer briefs is cutting the fabric to the appropriate size and shape. The fabric used for boxer briefs is usually a stretchy knit fabric, which is comfortable and allows for movement. The fabric is cut into the desired shape using a pattern, which can be a pre-made template or a custom design.

Elastic Measuring: Next, the elastic is measured and cut to the appropriate size. The elastic used in boxer briefs is usually a wide elastic that is about 1 inch in width. The elastic is cut to the size of the waistband, which is the part of the underwear that sits around the waist.

Elastic Joining: Once the elastic and fabric have been cut to the appropriate size, the elastic is attached to the fabric using an elastic joining machine. This machine is designed to sew the elastic onto the fabric with a special stitch that stretches with the fabric.

Sewing: After the elastic has been joined to the fabric, the boxer briefs are sewn together using a standard sewing machine. The seams are sewn with a stretchy stitch that allows for movement and flexibility.

Finishing: Finally, the boxer briefs are finished by trimming any excess fabric or elastic and adding any necessary finishing touches, such as labels or tags.

Overall, making boxer briefs with an elastic joining machine involves a combination of precision cutting, specialized sewing techniques, and careful attention to detail. The end result is a comfortable and supportive pair of underwear that is designed to move with the wearer's body.

Image Courtesy - Yamato

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